Antimicrobial Surface Cleaner

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DuroDaily Cleaner and Antimicrobial Disinfectant (Trigger Spray bottles and Bulk sizes available)

CONVERT your two pronged approach to cleaning and disinfecting to a single, safer and more effective solution - DuroDaily. Powered by DuroKleen, DuroDaily is a 2in1 Antimicrobial Cleaner and disinfectant.

First, DuroDaily uses our unique biodegradable surfactant based cleaner to safely lift matter from the dirty surface. Then, as DuroDaily dries, it leaves behind an antimicrobial biostatic barrier that kills harmful and odour causing bacteria, providing ongoing protection for the full duratiion of a regular cleaning cycle (24 hours) .

Sizes available:

• 750mL Trigger spray (EA or Carton 9)
• 5L refill (EA or Carton 2)
• 20L refill (EA or Carton 1)
• Sample, 50mL spray - Available on request

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