DuroKleen Alcohol Free Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser (Trigger Spray bottles and Bulk sizes available)

SKU: DK-50-3


Durokleen antimicrobial sanitiser gently sanitises your hands and leaves them smelling clean and refreshed.
This product is:
Alcohol free
Water based
Contains no harmful chemicals
Non flammable

Suitable for reservoir based wall and stand mounted dispensers.

Example uses include:

• Unable to use current sanitisers due to allergies.
• Prevalence of dermatitis due to frequent use of alcohol sanitisers
• Chemical degradation of jewellery from alcohol content
• Presence of flammable sanitisers in high-risk settings
• Employee discomfort due to constant exposure to fumes 
• Damage to fixtures at dispensing locations

Sizes available:

• 50mL spray (EA or Carton 40)
• 500mL pump (EA or Carton 12)
• 5L refill (EA or Carton 2)
• 20L refill (EA or Carton 1)

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