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Kleen Cleaning Solutions Mould Cleaner - Biodegradable, Non Bleaching

A dedicated, extremely capable mould, mildew + algae remover. Simply spray, wipe away and enjoy a clean surface primed for its next DuroKleen Antimicrobial treatment. Suitable for use on all sealed surfaces. Will not remove silicon. It is recommended to remove any silicon's protecting mould from contact.

Suitable Uses: Removes harsh mould without harsh chemicals. Great for use on any hard or soft surface not damaged by water.


• Use to clean away mould and algae from all indoor and outdoor surfaces: spray the affected area, wait for 30 seconds then rinse or wipe off. Heavy infestations may require scrubbing or more vigorous wiping
• Soft Surfaces: Remove excess soiling through blotting or dabbing, then spray both side of the fabric, wait 30 seconds then hand or machine wash with your regular laundry detergent. Note always follow fabric care instructions.
• Heavy Duty Soiling Removal: Spot spray the affected area then wipe or scrub off.

This Product is:
Australian Made
A Food Safe Cleaner
Biodegradable Liquid
Bleach Free

Sizes available:

• 750mL spray (EA or Carton 9)
• 5L refill (EA or Carton 2)
• 20L refill (EA or Carton 1)

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